blue bubble gum baby

blue bubble gum baby

He had no arms or legs, on the bouncy castle he began his trademark move of the wibbly wobbly naked. the priest laughed, and then winked at him. He hissed his silly blue paper tongue. A baby foetus like bubble gum blue berry buried,  

blue bubble gum baby bye




I’m away from what I want, my utopian home of mountain and elk and wolf and pine and lost and alone. Digressive. And then, oh my, those distant city lights of bokeh sinking into that empty tar sea, and that gentle, cool, dark breeze. Those passing cars with fog light beams, heading somewhere, and for some reason it feeds me comfort, knowing that they have somewhere to be. And I, I am off track in this holistic but aloof mind state of being the observer of the here, of being a ghost that nobody can see, like my favoured cartoon as a kid, I have become Casper, and I’m okay with that. 




diary entry, 

2 may 2014


I see this woman every night, i do not know her. I see her, but not fully, white blurs, quick within eye corner, she dashes away.

Always and mostly, only in reflections, passing, in my home. I am afraid, amongst the darks of rooms, with her creepy presence. Sleep gets hard. Its getting harder.

Last night she was killing me. I could not see her, but i felt her. suffocating me. i tried so hard to scream for someone to help me, but my voice was choked and drowned and my volume was mute.

It was a white apartment, high ceilings, victorian, all white, third or fourth floor in a city, London late afternoon. I was in the apartment, alone. I went to leave through the door, when behind me, in the corridor of the lounge and washroom an opaque cup of toothbrush and toothpaste tube was through across room onto floor, making an unsettling noise of jolted clatter and hard bounce. It was only me in that apartment. I walked back, into that room of white were the cup lay to see how this had happened, it shouldn’t of, i shouldn’t of. 

She threw me, though she was not visible. I was dragged up the white wall behind me, three feet above ground, i had no contact with the flooring. she was strangling me, and the more i struggled the less i could move and the more i tried to scream the more my voice shrunk. she wanted me dead, the woman. my eyes got wetter and the room started to blur as i gasped for any air i could suck in, my screams turned to groans as i fatigued. Then i Awoke, trying to shout, but only able to heave heavy groans for some help, noises so hard to release, like she was still choking my lungs. But she was gone.


i saw her earlier this evening, in the mirror as i walked to bed.

please, let me be. i don’t want to sleep anymore.